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Invisalign - Carlsbad, CA

The Clear Leader in Straightening Teeth

If you have ever had to wear metal braces, or if you know anyone who has, then you know that there really is not much to love about them. When it comes to straightening your teeth, they definitely get the job done, but they are unattractive and not very comfortable. For some dental issues, like severe bite defects, they are the only practical option, but many conditions can be as effectively treated with the use of Invisalign clear braces.

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Why Choose Carlsbad Beach Dental for Invisalign?

The Difference Between Metal Braces and Invisalign

Woman placing Invisalign tray

Unlike metal braces, Invisalign clear aligners are virtually indiscernible because they are created from clear thermoplastic, and there are no bands or wires. This means not just a better appearance, but also fewer trips to the dental office. You do not have to worry about regular adjustments because when you choose Invisalign, you get all your aligners at once, and you change them at home. You only need to see Dr. Addy occasionally, just to make sure the treatment is progressing as it should.

The Benefits of Invisalign

Man placing Invisalign tray

With Invisalign, you will not experience the frustration of getting food stuck in your braces. Invisalign aligners are removable, and you take them out to eat. Then simply brush and floss, and pop them back in your mouth. As a result, you do not have to forego any of the foods that you enjoy that could be problematic with metal braces.

In addition, you will not have many pain-filled days following tightening, as you would with metal braces. Invisalign is a very gentle system, and throughout the treatment, you will use several aligners that work to correct your bite problem gradually and gently. You may experience some mild to moderate soreness for the first day or two of your new set of aligners, but that will subside. Usually, in about a year’s time, your teeth will be the way they should be, and you will have experienced little or no discomfort over the course of the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions – Invisalign

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Invisalign is a great way to straighten teeth that are misaligned in some way. Every year, more and more teens and adults elect to align their pearly whites with Invisalign instead of traditional metal braces. Despite the clear benefits of Invisalign, you might have a few questions about the treatment process. That’s why we have decided to answer some of our most frequently asked questions about Invisalign.

Am I a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

There are many cases where Invisalign is recommended, such as:

However, keep in mind that Invisalign is not perfect and thus is not ideal in all cases. For more severe dental alignment issues, you might benefit more from conventional braces. Generally, braces are more adept at correcting more severe misalignment issues. Ultimately, it’s best to schedule a consultation with us to determine which option would best benefit your smile.

How Long Will Invisalign Treatment Take?

The average Invisalign case takes just 12 months. This is especially inviting when compared to the average of 24-36 months that traditional braces take. It’s important to realize, though, that this number is just an average. Your total treatment time may be significantly longer or shorter than a year. Your time wearing aligners may vary based on a few factors, such as the severity of your misalignment and your ability and willingness to wear your aligners for the recommended 20-22 hours a day. Again, schedule a consultation with us for a more personalized and accurate timeline.

Are the Results from Invisalign Permanent?

As soon as you stop wearing your aligners, your teeth will begin to shift back to their original crooked, crowded, gapped, or generally misaligned state. In order to prevent this and maintain the results you worked so hard to achieve, we will very likely prescribe a retainer for you to wear. Initially, we may suggest you wear your retainer 22/7, just like your aligners. However, after a few weeks or months, you might be able to switch to only wearing your retainer at night.

I Had Braces but My Teeth Have Shifted Again. Can Invisalign Fix This?

Yes! If you forget to wear your retainer after braces, your teeth are very likely to shift. Fortunately, Invisalign is here to help. A good portion of our Invisalign patients have previously worn braces but neglected to wear their retainer. These sets of clear aligners can often straighten your teeth just as efficiently as braces, and in a fraction of the time.

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