According to your Carlsbad cosmetic dentist, Dr. Drew Addy, and Dr. Rod Strickland, the creator of Fountain of Youth or FOY® Dentures, your dentures don’t have to look and feel like dentures anymore. We get great results with them, but we also get a lot of questions from curious patients like you who want a better, more confident life like you had when you were younger. Do you want attractive and comfortable dentures but, more importantly, secure when you eat and speak? Keep reading and make today the day you discover more about FOY® Dentures as we answer your questions and show you the absolute advantages over traditional dentures.

What Sets FOY® Dentures Apart?

As your go-to cosmetic dentist in Carlsbad, we’re here to help you and tell you that these dentures are the most effective and attractive you can find anywhere. We talked about FAQs, and we heard a lot about what makes FOY® Dentures different from traditional dentures. It has to do with how both types of dentures are made. 

The traditional, removable dentures you know from the past are made differently compared to FOY® Dentures. Unfortunately, dentists have to learn techniques that largely can’t be taught but have to be learned by making many bad dentures before a dentist can make good ones. But FOY® Dentures are designed differently. 

How Different Are FOY® Dentures?

The biggest thing your Carlsbad cosmetic dentist will tell you about FOY® Dentures is there’s a systemic and neuromuscular approach to help create something better than traditional dentures. Your specially trained dentist has the technical expertise to fit FOY® Dentures with a technique that will 100% restore your youthful smile. Your precise fit has increased functional benefits and dramatic cosmetic results everyone will surely notice. According to Dr. Strickland, “With full support, the lower third of your face will look younger. Additionally, the even pressure along your gums won’t accelerate bone loss the way traditional dentures can.”

How Much Do They Cost?

This is probably the most important, frequently asked question that we get when a patient like you is interested in learning more about FOY® Dentures. We understand that you might be concerned about cost. To provide you with the best, most accurate estimate of your money and time, we’ll need to work one on one with him. Unlike traditional dentures, FOY® Dentures are a highly custom procedure. Your Carlsbad cosmetic dentist will need to carefully fit your dentures, which can be a very different process for some people. 

There are ways to help make FOY® Dentures affordable. You will likely realize that FOY® Dentures are an excellent investment if you get them. It starts with a conversation with Dr. Addy about how you can experience the benefits of what these revolutionary dentures have to offer you and your oral health. 

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