You’ve probably seen numerous advertisements for do-it-yourself teeth aligner products. A straighter smile without a trip to Carlsbad Beach Dental’s Dr. Drew Addy seems like an enticing idea, and possibly too good to be true.

To be honest, it probably is.

The risks involved with mail order teeth alignment products

Mail order alignment kits may sound easy to use, but if it doesn’t work correctly, you run the risk of a bad bite, poor alignment, and adverse effects on your overall health.

Aside from basic brushing and flossing, it’s always best to entrust your dental procedures to a professional. The American Association of Orthodontists suggests that every type of straightening treatment plan be monitored by a dental health professional like your Carlsbad Beach dentist, Dr. Addy. This in-person interaction allows you to communicate any concerns you may have, and also allows your doctor to carefully monitor how well your treatment is progressing.

You might get what you pay for

When clever marketing promises you a straighter smile at a fraction of the cost of a professional treatment, it can be tempting to make the purchase. But orthodontic treatment without supervision could lead to issues that are painful and irreversible down the road. That is hardly a bargain.

With DIY products, you make an at-home dental impression, and then a series of clear aligners are created and mailed to you. You wear them without ever seeing a doctor to make sure you’re not damaging your bite or smile, and you may do far more harm than good.

Clear aligners are great – if done by a dental professional

Clear teeth alignment mouthpieces can be a desirable, convenient way to achieve a straighter smile, if done by a dentist properly trained in their usage. In-office clear aligners, like Invisalign® offered by Carlsbad dentist, Dr. Drew Addy, are carefully measured, planned, and created by him as a dental professional, so there is no risk involved. And even with the assurance of expert care, the cost is still more affordable than you might think.

Are you or someone in your family ready for a straighter smile? Then contact our Carlsbad dental office today for a consultation with Dr. Drew Addy. We have cutting-edge Invisalign technology that will help you achieve the beautiful smile you want.  

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