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Dentures are one of the most convenient means of replacing all of your missing teeth to restore your smile. However, traditional dentures are notorious for sliding out of your mouth at inopportune moments, causing discomfort, and being extremely evident. They also give your face a sunken appearance that makes you look older. However, Carlsbad Beach Dental aims to help you restore your smile and youth with Fountain of Youth dentures.

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What are the Fountain of Youth Dentures?

Fountain of Youth dentures are more comfortable, convenient, and natural-looking dentures than traditional alternatives. They give you the confidence to smile and laugh comfortably, eat whatever you want, and talk expressively without fearing that your dentures will slide out or get loosen. Fountain of Youth dentures are based on a groundbreaking technology that ensures optimal fit, functionality, and appearance. Furthermore, the dentures are uniquely shaped and designed to ensure optimal facial symmetry, improving your look.

What's the procedure for Fountain of Youth Dentures?

Fountain of Youth dentures are prepared using neuromuscular dentistry to ensure they adapt to your muscles, tissues, nerves, and overall facial movements. They accurately support your facial anatomy to resist sliding out or loosening due to movements. Besides their exceptional fit, they also make you look younger.

They’re uniquely designed to provide uniform pressure across your gums and jawbone to mimic the pressure of natural teeth, giving the underlying muscles the impetus they need to grow, thus avoiding the sunken-in appearance. Dr. Addy carefully examines your facial anatomy to provide Fountain of Youth dentures that don’t just restore your smile but improve your overall cosmetic appearance.

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Fountain of Youth Dentures vs. Traditional Dentures

Neuromuscular Differences

When you suffer the loss of teeth, the jawbone under the teeth starts disintegrating through a process called resorption. As your jawbone disintegrates, your facial anatomy changes, making you look significantly older. The loss of jawbone also prevents you from getting dental implants in the future since implants need sufficient jawbone for support. Traditional dentures aren’t designed to mimic the pressure of your natural teeth or sit uniformly on your gums, so they can’t stop jawbone resorption.

However, Fountain of Youth dentures are designed to imitate the same pressure as natural teeth and distribute the bite force evenly, which, in turn, slows the resorption process. The neuromuscular advantages of the Fountain of Youth dentures allow you to preserve your jawbone far longer than traditional dentures. As such, they make you look significantly younger, avoiding the sunken-in appearance common amongst edentulous (lacking teeth) patients. Fountain of Youth dentures also ensures you remain a viable candidate for future implants.

Functional Differences

Your teeth and mouth aren’t merely decorative objects that sit static on your face — they’re used for speech, chewing, laughter, and other purposes, all requiring consistent movement. However, traditional dentures are made with a basic impression of your mouth at rest, not accounting for the muscles, nerves, tissues, or animated movements. As such, traditional dentures are notorious for coming loose or sliding off when you chew, laugh, or talk, making you incredibly self-conscious in social situations.

Fountain of Youth Dentures, however, are designed with neuromuscular and functional accuracy. The impressions are made with your mouth in motion, gauging how your muscles move when you talk, smile, laugh, and perform other necessary movements. Fountain of Youth dentures accommodate all muscle movements without causing any discomfort or loosening. As such, they liberate you from the constant fear that your dentures will slide out in embarrassing situations while eating, talking, or laughing.

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Cosmetic Differences

Even the best traditional dentures don’t look very natural — they might look natural if you don’t move your mouth much, but not when you talk, eat, smile, or laugh. They’re not usually designed for your specific facial proportions, which prevents you from achieving complete facial harmony. And due to their lack of neuromuscular accuracy, they make your jawbone recede, giving you a tired and aged sunken-in appearance.

Fountain of Youth dentures look completely natural at all times. Furthermore, Dr. Addy carefully examines your facial anatomy at rest and motion to ensure they restore optimal facial harmony. Instead of structuring the dentures on your original teeth, we design the dentures for optimal cosmetic outlook. As such, our carefully-designed and fitted Fountain of Youth dentures give you a better and brighter smile.

Benefits of Fountain of Youth Dentures

  • Maintain optimal occlusion and bite force distribution.
  • Preserve the underlying jawbone to prevent complete disintegration.
  • Maintain your facial structure to prevent a sunken-in appearance.
  • Accommodate all facial movements, such as smiling, laughing, eating, etc.
  • Don’t slide out or loosen due to facial movements.
  • Designed according to your specific facial proportions and anatomy.
  • Make you look and feel younger.

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