Dental Insurance

We Welcome All Dental Insurance

If you have dental insurance, you’re in luck! Our team at Carlsbad Beach Dental, Drew Addy DDS, accepts nearly all PPO plans and will file claims with any dental insurance company. That way, you can take advantage of your coverage and reap the benefits that your dental insurance provides—primarily proactive preventive care.

Did you know that visiting the dentist twice every year could save you money down the road? Instead of waiting until you experience an oral health problem, which could require invasive and expensive treatment to fix, you can get a checkup, which is covered by your insurance. Then, Dr. Addy can identify the problem early on when it is much simpler, and more cost-effective, to resolve. This is why basically all dental insurance companies cover preventive services.

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Understanding How Dental Insurance Works

When you first come into our dental office, we’ll record your dental insurance information. At the end of your appointment, we’ll collect any fees for services that your insurance doesn’t cover or cover completely, and we’ll file service claims with your provider. Once the claims have been processed, we’ll receive payment from your insurance company.

What Your Dental Insurance Plan Covers

Each dental insurance plan is unique, but generally, they have something similar to the following coverage:

  • Preventive services (e.g., checkups and cleanings)—80 to 100 percent covered.
  • Minor restorative services (e.g., tooth-colored fillings)—70 to 80 percent covered.
  • Major restorative services (e.g., dental crowns, fixed bridges)—50 percent covered.

If you need help interpreting your insurance benefits, our compassionate, experienced team can lend a helping hand. We’re familiar with many insurance plans and can help you know how to maximize your benefits.

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