TMJ Treatment, DTR Therapy

The Permanent Solution to Jaw Pain

Dr. Drew Addy is among a select group of doctors who are able to perform DTR therapy using technology and precise adjustments to decrease or eliminate TMJ pain and headaches. DTR decreases the friction between upper and lower teeth and allows the muscles to relax.

What is DTR?

Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR) is a groundbreaking method that has proven to be incredibly effective when it comes to identifying issues, assessing muscle movement, and monitoring adjustments. With DTR, there is absolutely no need for night guards, NTIs, or any other form of treatment.

How Does it Work?

DTR utilizes T-Scan and EMG technology to measure the pressure, timing, and muscle activity of a patient’s bite. While evaluating the connection between the teeth, a treatment plan may be recommended after DTR to include a dental appliance, orthodontics, or full mouth restoration to build the bite for better alignment.

What are the results?

Most patients will need only one to three sessions of DTR before their symptoms have been completely alleviated. These results tend to last for several years but if a flare up occurs, one more treatment may be required.

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