Why Choose Implant Restorations?

Most people assume that dental implants replace the entire dental structure, including the visible crown. However, dental implants only replace the root structures of the missing teeth, serving as the foundation for the eventual dental restoration. Dental implants are titanium posts drilled into the jawbone under the empty socket of a missing tooth. Over time, the surrounding jawbone tissues adhere to the implant’s surface, making it a part of your dental structure.

Once your jawbone has healed around the titanium post, an implant restoration must be attached over the post. You have several options when it comes to implant restorations, including dental crowns, bridges, and dentures, depending on the number of teeth you need to replace. At Carlsbad Beach Dental, Drew Addy DDS, we customize natural-looking and structurally-sound restorations according to your specific facial anatomy and cosmetic concerns.

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Implant-Retained Dental Crowns

Ideal for single tooth restoration.

Dental crowns are the ideal implant restorations for patients missing a single tooth or multiple teeth from different locations. The crowns are made from tooth-colored ceramic and attached over the abutment of your implant. We take accurate measurements and impressions of your teeth to produce strong ceramic implants that look and function like your natural teeth, restore your beautiful smile, and help you achieve optimal facial harmony.

Most dental clinics offer traditional crowns that need at least two weeks for preparation. However, Carlsbad Beach Dental, Drew Addy DDS, uses the latest computer-assisted technologies to provide CEREC same-day crowns designed and produced on-site for an immediate restoration. Dr. Addy will take digital measurements, customize the ideal crown, and place it over the implant in a single session — you don’t need multiple trips to the dental clinic.

“This dental office represents refinement of technique that is uncommon and noteworthy. In addition to the loving care, you will receive I can attest to the perfection of my implants.”

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Implant-Retained Dental Bridges

Ideal for multiple teeth restoration.

Dental bridges are the ideal implant restorations for patients missing more than one tooth in a single sequence. For example, if you’re missing three teeth in a row, you can attach a single dental bridge with three pontics (artificial teeth) fastened over two implants on either extreme. As such, getting a dental bridge allows you to minimize the number of implants necessary.

Carlsbad Beach Dental, Drew Addy DDS, uses the latest dental technologies to take accurate impressions and measurements of your teeth. We use those measurements to construct the ideal dental bridges for your unique facial anatomy, ensuring optimal symmetry and cosmetic appearance. We provide ceramic or porcelain bridges because their color and texture closely resemble enamel, making them the most natural-looking dental bridges available.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Ideal for full-arch restoration.

Dentures are the ideal implant restorations for edentulous patients, i.e., those missing an entire arch of teeth. If you’re missing all your teeth, you don’t need individual implants for each missing tooth, instead, you can get four to six implants in strategic locations to support a full-arch denture. Once the denture is fastened to the implants, it looks and functions just like natural teeth.

Carlsbad Beach Dental, Drew Addy DDS, provides dynamic Fountain of Youth dentures instead of traditional dentures to ensure optimal cosmetic appearance and functionality. Fountain of Youth dentures are specifically designed to accommodate all facial movements, including smiling, laughing, talking, chewing, etc., making them far more natural. Dr. Addy takes accurate measurements of your teeth and facial anatomy to construct dentures that ensure facial harmony.

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