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Why You Should Be Thankful for TMJ Pain Relief in Carlsbad, CA

Shorten “temporomandibular” to TMJ, and you have the more familiar way of saying jaw joint. Three letters can spell real, painful problems for patients who have something our TMJ dentist, Dr. Drew Addy, has extensive experience treating — TMD.  Did jaw pain keep you from doing things or eating certain foods? Learn about occlusal equilibration and how we subtly reshape…
November 15, 2022
Oral HealthTMJ

The Freedom Appliance: Get Your Bite Right and Enjoy Life

Something is going on with your bite, and it’s not quite right. Maybe it’s been a week or a month since you’ve noticed a change in your pain and discomfort. Have you secretly been wondering or worrying about what could be wrong? Issues with the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) are something more and more patients are experiencing at our dental office…
October 30, 2022

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