Every state requires dentists to complete a minimum amount of continuing education in order to keep their license valid. In California, that minimum is 50 hours every two years. However, the best dentists go out of their way to exceed that requirement. They seek to refine their skills in a way that equips them to provide truly excellent care to their patients. One of the most prestigious facilities for continuing education is the Kois Center. Let’s talk about what the center is and some of the benefits you can experience when you choose a dentist that has attended this widely-known institution.

What Is the Kois Center?

The Kois Center is a facility in Seattle, WA that was founded in 1994 under the direction of Dr. John C. Kois. While there are many programs throughout the U.S. that provide continuing education to dentists, the Kois Center is unique. As it says on the center’s website, “The Kois Center is the only continuing education program in the country conducting and publishing independent research. Every course is updated each year based on new scientific evidence.”

Notice that the Kois Center focuses on independent research. That means the results of their studies aren’t swayed by sponsors. They can form unbiased opinions on which treatments and techniques produce the best results for patients. They also update their courses year after year to ensure that their trainees receive only the latest information.

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Benefits of Working with a Kois-Trained Dentist

When you choose a Kois-trained dentist to look after your oral health, you can expect to experience some significant benefits:

  • Kois-trained dentists are at the forefront of their field. The training they receive at the Kois Center aims to turn good dentists into great dentists. The courses there focus on a broad range of subjects, from bite mechanics and dental implants to cavity detection and everything in between.
  • Kois-trained dentists are passionate. Many dentists travel a long way to attend the Kois Center, and they do so because they want to provide the very best treatment for their patients.  They take great pride in their work and pay attention to every little detail.
  • Kois-trained dentists network with each other. Many dentists who attend the center become part of a country-wide network that gives them continual access to cutting-edge, science-based information about their field.

Are you looking for a passionate dentist who will treat your smile like it’s their own? Choose a Kois graduate!

Meet Your Local Kois-Trained Dentist

Dr. Drew Addy is the leader of our team at Carlsbad Beach Dental. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California and has trained extensively at the Kois Center. He was voted as one of San Diego’s top cosmetic and family dentists by San Diego Magazine two years in a row. Every day, he comes with work with a renewed commitment to providing personalized, detail-oriented, and comfortable care to his patients. To learn more about Dr. Addy, the services he provides, or our practice, contact our team at 760-492-6317.

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