Would you like to improve the health and look of your smile, but don’t want to risk your health while COVID-19 is still widely spread? Your dentist offers virtual Invisalign consultations so that you can spend your self-isolation working towards a straightened smile using discreet aligners. The best way to find out whether you’re a good candidate is to schedule a teleconsultation with your dentist so they can assess your situation. Read on to learn about how virtual dentistry can make your Invisalign treatment safer during COVID-19.

What Would a Virtual Consultation Be Like?

Whether you’re considered a high-risk patient or would simply like to do your part by continuing to self-isolate, that doesn’t mean that you can’t work towards a bigger goal from home. Your dentist is currently accepting virtual Invisalign consultations. From the safety of your home, they will listen and address any concerns you may have about the process, take some images of your mouth, and help determine whether this advanced orthodontic treatment is right for you. That way, you won’t have to visit the practice in-person before knowing that you could be a good candidate.

What Are the Benefits of Virtual Dentistry During COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a virus that is spread by droplets of bodily fluid, such as saliva. Even though your dentist is taking dozens of precautionary measures to ensure your safety, they understand that the uncertainty of the illness and underlying medical conditions that can make it dangerous to contract can cause a great deal of anxiety. That’s why they’re providing virtual consultations for services such as Invisalign treatment. Some benefits that you’ll be able to enjoy from this include:

  • Avoiding coming into contact with other people unless necessary.
  • Attend the consultation from the comfort and safety of your own home.
  • Avoid having to drive to the practice, which is especially beneficial if you live in a more rural area.
  • Learn whether you’re a good candidate for the treatment virtually before you’ll need to actually visit the practice.

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How Does the Invisalign Process Work?

Once you determine that you’d like to undergo Invisalign treatment in Carlsbad, then you can visit our office so we can take impressions of your dental structure to craft your aligners from. Then, the rest of the process can be completed from the comfort of your own home, by way of virtual follow-up appointments. Over virtual appointments, your dentist will be able to check the progress you’ve been making and send you your next set of trays in the series until you come towards the end of your treatment. Then, our team will discuss retainer options with you to help preserve the alignment of your new and improved smile.

With virtual Invisalign consultations, you can rest-assured knowing that you’re safely working towards a bigger goal while you’re self-isolating. That way, by the time you’re able to get out and about again, you’ll hopefully be able to do it with greater confidence and a newly aligned grin.

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Dr. Drew Addy is committed to providing his patients with trustworthy, high-quality dental care. He enjoys getting to know each of his patients and understand the problems that they face, so he can provide them with personalized and effective treatments. He has completed extensive training at some of the most prestigious institutions across the country, including the world-renowned Kois Center. He was also voted as San Diego’s top cosmetic and family dentists by San Diego Magazine in 2017 and ’18. For questions or to schedule a virtual consultation for Invisalign, contact Carlsbad Beach Dental at 760-492-6317 or schedule an appointment online.

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